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Your readers want to know what's new

So why make it so hard for them?

Instead of having to give away their email addresses or having to use an RSS reader, they can now be notified of every new post on your site, right to their Chrome browser!
Just create your free embed code in 5 minutes, and place it on any page (or on every page) on your site. Your visitors will immediately be prompted to join your feed.

Create your embed code in 5 minutes

On our publisher's dashboard, you'll find easy tools to create your embed code. All you need to do is enter your feed URL and upload your site's logo, and then just grab that embed code and place it on your site.
A bit later, you'll use our dashboard to watch usage statistics for your feed, and see how many of your notifications are actually turning into real, free traffic to your site.

A perfected user experience

We've worked hard to create a streamlined joining process for your visitors. Your embed widget blends seamlessly on your site, and uses your own logo for credibility. We mean it when we say that it takes only 3-clicks from your site to subscribe. But don't take our word for it, try it with this example feed to see how clean and simple the process is.

Try it out yourself!

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Free for everyone

This service is free both to you, the blogger and to your readers, and it will stay that way. The purpose of this project is to establish a new kind of communication channel between site owners and their readers. We do not make any profit at this point in time. In the future, we may offer some extra services, which will be at a cost. This is how we intend to make a profit.

Committed to privacy

We are committed to the privacy of both you and your readers. We do not give away your email and we do not collect any data about you or your readers. Readers' notification preferences are saved anonymously, and any reader can choose to remove the extension which permanently removes any trace of it from their computer. To put it generally, we don't do anything that you wouldn't want us to do, period.

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